Help to Protect “John’s Field”!

HCT has been working behind the scenes for the past two years on a project that would permanently protect a significant 10-acre parcel of land on Slough Road, known as John‘s Field.  This project is an outstanding conservation opportunity, and here’s why:

  • Connectivity!  Protecting land that links to other conserved land is critical for both wildlife habitat and outdoor recreation.  John’s Field is our best chance to create a greenway from Town center to the network of conservation lands around Great Elms.
  • Farmland and local food! John’s Field contains “prime” farmland soils and is cultivated by a local farmer.  Protecting land with prime agricultural soils is a goal of the Massachusetts’ Local Food Action Plan, and supports Harvard’s agricultural economy.
  • Iconic landscape!  John’s Field is about a mile from Town center at the highpoint of Slough Road.  All those who drive, bike, or walk this stretch of Slough Road experience its scenic beauty and openness.  It is places like this that define Harvard and the Nashoba region.

The cost of the John’s Field project is $350,000.  Thanks to funds available from HCT’s Muller Conservation Collaborative we needed to raise only half this amount; and thanks to several generous donations from neighbors, friends, and a Fields Pond Foundation grant we currently have $38,000 left to raise, and a September 21st deadline!  Please help us successfully complete this project by making your contribution today.  Give online through the Donation Page on this website, or by mailing a check to: Harvard Conservation Trust | P.O. Box 31 | Harvard, MA 01451.  Please write “Muller Conservation Collaborative” on your check or online gift so we can match your donation dollar-for-dollar.