Ways to Give to the Harvard Conservation Trust

The Harvard Conservation Trust relies on donated funds to fulfill our conservation mission. HCT has protected over 1,000 acres since the Trust was founded in 1973, and responds to new opportunities each year with your help.  The Harvard Conservation Trust works closely with area residents, local and federal agencies and others who are interested in helping to preserve the beautiful open spaces that are so vital to our way of life. We are deeply appreciative of the support we receive, and pledge to continue to save natural areas, wildlife habitats, streams and rivers, working farms and historic lands to benefit of our community and as a legacy for future generations. Your contribution makes you a part of the work we do to secure a healthier, greener place to live!

Make a Cash Donation

Your generosity helps to preserve open space and agricultural lands as well as the vital habitats and species that depend on them. Support land protection and stewardship efforts here in Harvard through secure, easy-to-use credit/debit card payments, Paypal or check.

Donate Your Land to Protect It

Donate your land and unlock a powerful way to protect a place that has personal meaning to you while furthering conservation in our region.

Establish a Conservation Restriction

Let us help you protect parcels of your land from future development through a highly flexible agreement that enables you to maintain ownership.

Leverage the Muller Conservation Collaborative

Unlock dollar-for-dollar matching through the generous bequest from Erhart Muller when you make a contribution designated for land protection.

There Are Even More Ways to Give and Protect Land

Help protect our wetlands, forest areas and open space for recreation and reflection. Learn more about a wide range of other methods to contribute to HCT’s land protection efforts.