Harvard Conservation Trust

Establish a Conservation Restriction

As a landowner, you may wish to put your land into conservation protection by restricting certain future rights, usually the development rights, while maintaining ownership of your property. You can transfer rights to the Harvard Conservation Trust at market value and HCT will pay you, at a reduced price, or via a donation outright. In return, you as the landowner retain the remaining rights to your property, sometimes even the development rights to a portion of the land, as long as the property’s conservation value is preserved. As holder of a conservation restriction, you are responsible for regular monitoring to ensure compliance with the conservation restriction, and we can help you understand the details.

  • You continue to enjoy the benefits of land ownership
  • Your land is protected in perpetuity
  • If donated or sold at a reduced value, you may enjoy a charitable tax deduction
  • The property’s fair market value is lowered which potentially reduces estate and property taxes, depending on certain factors

For more information, or to discuss your contribution to this legacy please fill out the form below and a member of the Harvard Conservation Trust staff will reach out to you.
If you prefer, you can always email us at info@harvardconservationtrust.org or call (978) 456-9292.