Board of Trustees

There are currently 13 Trustees who serve two three-year terms. New Trustees are voted in at the Annual Meeting held every November. Officers are elected at the next regularly scheduled meeting.


Abbe Alpert
Chris Candon
Robin Carlaw, Secretary
Tom Cotton, President
Peter Dorward, Vice President
Teresa Garti
Patricia Hurter
Will Kemeza
Jim Lee
Susie Macrae
Rudy Minar, Treasurer
Matt Mostoller
Marc Sevigny

Emeritus Trustee

Francis Coolidge

Honorary Trustee and HCT Historian

Audrey Ball

Associate Trustees

Michael Ames
Britt Argow
Tim Arnold
Rebecca Cheney
Pam Durrant
Conor Finnegan
Mark Finnegan
Glen Frederick
Richard Gioiosa
Joyce Grant
Maureen Hopper
Peter Jackson
Bill Kemeza
Mary Maxwell
Mark Mikitarian
Margaret Nestler
David Neville
Brian Noble
Julie Nocka
Jessie Panek
Michael Thornton
Lucy Wallace