Brehm Trail Re-Opened with Student Trail Work

The HCT has just re-opened the Brehm trail!  It’s a great hike or ride, with some significant hills to climb if you’re looking for a cardio workout.  You’ll find the new trailhead, marked with an HCT sign, just west of 149 Stow Road, on the north side of the street. There’s parking for 3-4 cars alongside the road across the street, or you can park at the town gravel pit, which sits back from the road about 150 yards west of the trailhead.

The new Stow Road entrance trailhead provides easy access into the Brehm lands, purchased by the Trust over 20 years ago. On the land is a 1.5 mile heavily wooded hike or ride that winds along old stone pasture walls. If you want a longer path, the trail connects right into the Great Elms loop, which adds nearly another mile. And a third extension lets you make your way from the Brehm trail, up the eastern edge of the Great Elms trail, and connect right into the Brown trail for a 3.5-mile loop!

The Brehm trail opening has been cleared, and the whole trail refreshed, by HCT volunteer supervisors and a team of Bromfield Seniors as part of a new collaboration with the school, which requires seniors to complete 40 hours of community service work prior to graduating.   This collaboration has been a critical effort as Harvard’s trails are experiencing dramatically increased use since the coronavirus pandemic started.   For more details about the trail, visit

Find a detailed map of the area here.

Top: Kaitlyn Ostrowski and Marley Ferguson take a break from raking for a picture.
Bottom Left: Jake Morine clears a large rock from the trail.
Bottom Right: Nishkal Pisal – Jack Yu – Timur Sahin work to clear dense brush