2023 Destination: Nature Juried Art Show

This year’s theme for Destination: Nature — “Perspective” — offers artists the chance to explore multiple frames of reference to reveal the intricate web of life in nature. Choosing from the perspectives of wildlife, trees, water, air or other elements captures the grandeur, the subtlety, and the profound interconnectedness of the world we all call home. Selecting an abstract perspective, an artist may inspire viewers to interpret nature’s essence through expressive brushstrokes and vibrant colors, conveying emotions and inner experiences rather than tangible forms. From a romantic viewpoint, an artist might immerse us in the beauty and harmony of natural landscapes, or use realism to delve into meticulous details or flora and fauna with scientific precision. A provocative artist might use perspective to confront challenging ecological issues, using their craft to inspire action for protecting or healing the planet. Artists are free to interpret this theme in any way that captivates viewers’ attention and imagination.