Video: Mysteries of Harvard’s Stone Walls Solved


Watch Prof. Robert Thorson’s Presentation On Stone Walls.

The Harvard Conservation Trust is excited to share the video of last week’s Speaker Series: Mysteries of Harvard’s Stone Walls Solved.  Prof. Robert Thorson helped us understand why New England is only place in the US you find over stone walls. We have over 240,000 miles of stone walls.  This video will help you further understand the archeologic, historic and folk art importance of the stone walls to Harvard’s history, and the important steps that our community can take to preserve them.

Here is what some participants had to say:

“Thanks to everybody on the Outreach committee for pulling together tonight’s event! It was excellent. Packed in more than I could possibly digest but got me excited to learn more!”

“Great lecture on stone walls last night….great offering by the Harvard Conservation Trust.  Cheers!”

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