Theodore Maxant Conservation Restriction

In 2016, Theodore “Ted” Maxant approached the Harvard Conservation Trust (HCT) with an idea for how he could help preserve the rural character of Still River Village. Born and raised in Still River, it is place Ted knows by heart. In 2007, his father, William T. Maxant, conserved the family homestead through the gift of a conservation restriction (CR) to HCT. William also took steps to ensure the property would someday benefit the Town’s Conservation Commission and Historical Society. Ted’s idea was to build on his family’s conservation legacy by purchasing a key abutting parcel of land, and then extinguishing the development rights to that land through the gift of a new CR to HCT. As Ted explained, this would preserve the scenic and open character of this part of Still River Village, as well as create the possibility for a having the Historical Society property serve as a gateway into the extensive network of conservation lands that lie beyond (see map). With trail linkages being an important part of both HCT’s strategic land protection efforts as well as the Town’s recently updated Open Space & Recreation Plan, HCT requested that a public access clause be included in the CR. Thankfully, Ted agreed. Given that land put under a CR by a private landowner generally remains private property, the right to public trail access was an exceptional addition to this already generous conservation gift. The CR gift was completed in December, and HCT is looking forward to working with Ted to realize his vision for a connecting trail.