Five reasons to get involved with the Harvard Conservation Trust

When you join the  Harvard Conservation Trust, you contribute to the permanent protection of open spaces, forests, wetlands, and farmlands, ensuring that these precious natural resources remain intact for future generations to enjoy. Here are five compelling reasons to get involved with the Harvard Conservation Trust:

1. Land conservation helps wildlife weather climate change

Conserved lands provide essential habitats for wildlife, offering refuge and resources necessary for their survival. Balanced ecosystems allow plants and animals to flourish, strengthening them against the effects of climate change like flooding and extreme weather. Conserved lands encourage natural growth and biodiversity, allowing ecosystems to thrive as nature intended.

2. Getting outdoors can help improve physical and mental wellbeing
There is mounting evidence that nature has benefits for both physical and psychological human wellbeing. Research from the American Psychological Association shows that exposure to nature has been linked to a host of benefits, including improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation.  

3. Harvard has 80+ amazing miles of trails to explore
One of the standout features of Harvard is the extensive network of trails spanning more than 80 miles where you can get out on the land, connect with nature, and see important geological and historical landmarks. Exploring our vast network of trails offers opportunities for hiking, biking, birdwatching, amazing photography, and peaceful outdoor recreation. Whether you’re an avid hiker or someone who enjoys leisurely strolls in nature, the HCT trails provide a sanctuary for exploration and discovery.

4. Connect with nature and your neighbors 
The Harvard Conservation Trust organizes a variety of events and activities designed to spark our curiosity, educate us about our environment, and connect us to our wildlife habitats and to our community. From guided nature walks and educational workshops to seasonal celebrations and fundraising events, there’s always something happening to inspire your inner naturalist.

5. Volunteer or serve on the board of trustees
Volunteering with the Harvard Conservation Trust offers a rewarding opportunity to actively contribute to conservation efforts while making a meaningful impact in your community. Whether it’s participating in trail maintenance projects, assisting with land stewardship activities, or helping organize events, volunteers and friends of the HCT play a crucial role in supporting the Trust’s mission. For those seeking a more involved commitment, serving on the Board of Trustees provides a chance to get involved with conservation initiatives and share your skills and experience.