Black Swallowtail Butterfly

 Submitted by Robin Right.


Feeder Sightings

Hummingbird photos submitted by Robin Right

feeder-sightings feeder-sightings2

Blue Heron at Bare Hill Pond

Submitted by Robin Right

blue-heron blue-heron2

Leucistic Red Tailed Hawk

Suzanne has been monitoring this leucistic (white-feathered) hawk for eight years.
If anyone has information on this, please let us know at



Female Hummingbird

Robin Right says,
“She looks pretty beaten up! But I think she wins most of the battles because I see her at the feeders more than any of the others. So far I have counted 4 pairs!”

hummingbird hummingbird-2

Young Hawk

young-hawkSubmitted by Robin Right

Moonrise over Bare Hill Pond

Submitted by Robin Right


Sunset over Bare Hill Pond

Submitted by Robin Right


Snake Sighting. A Northern Water Snake, perhaps?

Submitted by Robin Right


Deck Visitor. Can anyone identify?

Submitted by Robin Right

frog frog2